Daily Schedule

From the farm to the forest, from the bakery to the river, explore a day in the life at Eden Village.


Modeh Ani (Morning Gratitude)

Start the day with intention and gratitude. Choose a morning practice option that suits you each day. Rotating offerings include song session, dream sharing, spirited morning shacharit (prayer), waking up the animals, body movement, morning river mikveh and more.



Nourishment and delight for each person.



Every week, campers get to sign up for chugim, electives of their choice. From shelter building adventures in the Forest, to making your own teas & salves in Herbalism, to learning how to make vessels on the wheel in Pottery, our campers are learning so many amazing new skills and having a ton of fun along the way. 



It’s so yummy, and spirits are so high, that the post-meal blessing sometimes becomes a live-music dance party.


Menucha (Rest Time)

Quiet time to nap, write letters, read, recharge.


Snack + Shmooze

The daily free-choice festival! Swim, play music, practice circus arts, play soccer or frisbee, relax in the art room… it’s up to you!


Shower Time

Every day, every body.



Dinner is delicious and so is the joyous dance party that happens afterward!


Evening Activities

From the silly to the sublime, from small-group campfires to all-camp games, something new each evening.

8:30pm to 10:00pm

Laila Tov (Goodnight)

Staggered by age groups. An important time for bunk groups to reflect on the day’s joys and challenges, care for themselves and each other, and ease into well-earned sleep with their unique bedtime rituals.

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