DIY Videos

Please enjoy these DIY videos, and get a hands-on taste of some of our camp activities; you can play through the full menu anytime!

Our hope is that this content will continue to inspire folks to try new (yet ancient) things while connecting with each other, the land, Jewish tradition, and our highest selves! Maybe you’ll be the next one to pass on some DIY knowledge?

Sourdough PIzza
Make sourdough pizza dough from scratch!
Cook up a sweet and healthy elderberry syrup
Use simple ingredients to make sparklers
Ferment sauerkraut from fresh ingredients
Bottle your own tincture from fresh herbs
Spin your own cordage from natural fibers
Turn fresh milk into tasty cheese
Whip up a personalized medicinal salve
Learn to make and use a quill pen
Use your own fruit to boil up a delicious jam!
Create dye from natural materials
Whittle a stick into a torah yad
Brew a fresh and zingy ginger soda
Carve potato stamps for block printing
Learn how to spin, and dance with, poi

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