The Keter Experience

Who: Rising 10th and 11th graders 

What: A freedom-oriented program that takes the magic of being an Eden Village camper to the next level. Our 10th and 11th graders will live our EVW values with a special 5-6 day journey embedded into their 3 week camp session, with a choice between a Farm Journey or a Forest Journey.

When: July 13-30, 2023

Why? The Keter Experience allows our oldest campers to enjoy everything they know and love about a summer at EVW, while also providing a unique experience created just for them. Our teens are ready to experience a wild-adventurous-joyful-grounding-culmination-of-all-their-summers-at-camp summer!

Scroll through to find more information about the Farm Journey & the Forest Journey programs and some frequently asked questions!

Forest Journey

  • Program Pillars
  • Sample Itinerary

Thriving in the wilderness: Participants learn how to make do with the things they can carry in their backpacks. They cook together by an alpine lake, set up simple shelters under the stars, collect wild water, and honorably wander the land.

Solo-challenges: Each teen is given the opportunity to head out alone into the wild for Hitbodedut – a “solo” experience. Guidance from experienced mentors makes the challenge safe; yet the edge is real, and it is at this edge where real insight and wisdom emerge!

Shabbat in the mountains: This is a chance to truly rest and enjoy – without technology and media, far away from grocery stores and homework. We will take Shabbat as a time to restore our bodies, minds, and spirits. 

Climbing a peak: The tops of mountains are central to the Jewish mythical landscape. Our Torah was received on the top of a mountain in the desert. Our holiest temples sat on a mountaintop in Jerusalem. As part of Forest Journey, we will attempt to climb a mountain and connect with the spiritual power available to us there.

Day 1: Pack up your gear & say farewell to our home at Rio Lindo for the week– we’re headed to the mountains! Drive to the trailhead and set up camp together. 

Day 2: Hike deeper into the wilderness, learn new skills, swim, explore, and connect more deeply with new and old friends.

Day 3: Travel further & higher to our next campsite, swim some more, and prepare for the climax of our journey- summiting a peak!

Day 4: Summit a mountain all the way to the top! Enjoy some ‘solo journey’ time to take in the vastness and beauty of your natural surroundings. Then, enjoy Kabbalat Shabbat in the wilderness! 

Day 5: Shabbat morning immersed in the wilderness! Music, more swimming, exploring and games– rest, rejuvenation, and wonder. 

Day 6: Pack up camp, hike out, and head back to EVW to share epic stories with the rest of the camp community. 

Farm Journey

  • Program Pillars
  • Sample Itinerary

Jewish Food Justice:  The Jewish people has a long history as farmers & keepers of the land, in addition to a robust and deeply spiritual relationship with the food we eat. Participants will have opportunities to explore this relationship through the lens of food justice. 

Food Systems in Action: Participants will venture throughout Sonoma County to learn more about different farms & food justice organizations doing crucial work to feed their communities. 

Do-it-yourself food production:  Farm Journey participants will have the opportunity to learn how to make their own line of EVW farm-to-table products.

Celebrate the Harvest: For many of the fruits & veggies growing on the Eden Village West farm, summer is a time of shefa, abundance, that we actively aim to celebrate. Participants will have the chance to dive deep into the bounties of the farm. 

Day 1: What is Food Justice? Explore the topic of Food Justice & make a plan for an EVW produced farmstand! 

Day 2 Visit to Front Porch Farm: Learn about what it takes to manage Front Porch Farm, a farm in our community, and how it is integrated into the wider community (and sample some of their delicious home grown produce!). 

Day 3: Glean with Farm to Pantry: Farm to Pantry partners with food organizations to deliver excess produce to food insecure communities. Together, we’ll help with the process of gleaning extra produce and deliver what we’ve harvested to those in need. 

Days 4 & 5: Let’s Build a Farmstand: From pickles, to flowers, to homemade baked goods and more, prep what we sell at a farmstand completely curated by you & your friends! 

Day 6: Banquet by the River Celebration: In celebration of this journey, we’ll prepare a delicious banquet of farm-to-table treats by the river.

Frequently Asked Questions

Campers who participate in the Forest Journey must be able to hike for hours at a time while carrying a backpack with gear in it. Additionally, we will not be able to provide the same range of dietary & medication needs that we are able to accommodate at our full kitchen at camp. Please be in touch with Jesse Zilberstein, Director of Community Care, to discuss possibilities if your child is interested in the Forest Journey. 

There is no extra cost for the journeys! The cost is built into your camp tuition. 

Camp will partner with you to get all of the right materials you need for the Forest Journey. We ask that you bring a pair of sturdy hiking shoes and a sleeping bag to camp with you, and you are encourage to bring a hiking backpack that fits you but it is not required- camp can loan you a pack if you need.  We will also provide tents, sleeping pads, cooking stoves, and other necessary supplies for the trip. 

In addition to your counselors, we will be bringing in some amazing special guest facilitators to lead you on your journeys. These folks are masters of experiential education and are gearing up to create incredible experiences for you. More info to come soon! 

For the Forest Journey, we will have a staff member who is trained in wilderness first aid accompanying the group. Additionally, there will be a camp vehicle parked at the trailhead closest to the campsite in the event that our staff needs to take someone to emergency services.

For the Farm Journey, on the days when we take offsite trips, our staff will be equipped with basic first aid materials and also have access to a camp vehicle. Both groups will have a point person who is based on site at Eden Village West who they will be required to report to and consult with in the event of an emergency. We also will follow emergency protocols regarding parent contact in the same way that we would if your child was on site. 

Once you enroll, for summer 2023, you will receive an online form to fill out requesting that you rank the journey choices in order of your preference. We cannot guarantee that every camper will get their first choice if one of the trips reaches capacity. We need all journey choices by no later than March 1st (but the sooner you choose, the more likely you are to get your first choice). 

For the Farm Journey, you will sleep on site at camp and take a few trips off camp during the day. If your roommate is participating in the Forest Journey, you will still sleep in the same room. 

For the Forest Journey, you will sleep at the campsite in tents (and if you choose, under the stars!). 

There will not be any bathrooms or showers at campsites on the Forest Journey– campers will be fully reliant on nature and learn Leave No Trace best practices as part of their wilderness experience. 

Give us a call at (510) 560 5610 or send an email to with any questions you have!

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