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Pluralistic Community

Our earth-based approach to Jewish practice allows families of all stripes to feel inspired and connected here. We’re delighted that our campers and staff come from a broad spectrum of backgrounds, including secular, Conservative, Just Jewish, Modern Orthodox, Reform, “Earth-adox”, Renewal, Reconstructionist, Humanistic and more. We actively celebrate our Jewish diversity – it makes our community more beautiful and resilient!

Vibrant Judaism

We love to have fun in our Jewish practice—because smiles and laughter grow community, friendships and our sense of self! We honor the wisdom of Jewish tradition in ways that keep our rituals feeling vital and meaningful. We see Judaism as a path for living wisely and usefully with the whole of humanity.


At Eden Village, we make Shabbat a party. On Friday, we get ready by making challah, harvesting flowers, creating skits and more. Once the musical Shabbat parade begins, we relax and celebrate. After fun and soulful services, we come together for a gourmet feast and singing into the night. On Saturday, campers start off the day by choosing from a variety of options including yoga, singing Shabbat morning prayers, or going on a group nature walk. After an amazing Shabbat lunch, we have extended afternoon Shmooze options with relaxing Shabbat-friendly activities. We end Shabbat with a magical Havdallah dance party under the stars.

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