Redefining Camp Food

73 steps from farm to table. Camp food for a healthy, sustainable world.

  • 100% Consciously Sourced
  • Pure & Natural
  • Everyone Can Eat Here

100% Consciously Sourced

We source the highest quality ingredients from a variety of local, fair trade, and ethically-run businesses. We don’t just use organic produce, but organic grains, spices, and every ingredient going into each meal. We prioritize relationships with local producers and companies producing food in a sustainable way. We consciously source 100% of our ingredients and track our values through the entire food system. Our region produces delicious food, and we love supporting our neighbors and fellow farmers.

Pure & Natural

We’re committed to nurturing bodies and minds with healthy, kid-friendly food to both nourish and delight our campers. We keep things pure and natural: we hydrate with pure water, we make the vast majority of our food from scratch, and we avoid products that are refined, artificially white, overly processed, and unnecessarily canned or frozen. Our campers enjoy the bounty of their farm harvests in three organic, tasty, nutritious, kosher meals a day.

Everyone Can Eat Here

We accommodate most every food need uniquely well. We’ve had happy campers with nut, fish, dairy, and gluten allergies, and a host of other dietary needs. We offer satisfying alternatives, not just the salad bar. When lunch includes grilled cheese and tomato soup, there are automatically gluten-free, vegan, and gluten-free-and-vegan versions. For selective eaters, we’ll work with you to make sure your camper is nourished at each meal – the most important thing is that each person is happy and fed.

Eden Village West: the Cookbook

Meals are a time for celebration at Eden Village West. Eden Village: The Cookbook is a celebration of a transcendent food culture at Eden Village West, and a vision for a better way of making and serving food, even at summer camp. You’ll find recipes from our founding Head Chefs Tom Hidas and Chris McGee, Head Baker Maja Siljak-Dimc, as well as recipes from our Culinary Arts program. A bounty of photos brings to life the spirit of summer at Eden Village.

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