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Every day, our campers get to choose between four program areas: Culinary Arts, Farm Village, Forest Village, and Homestead Village.

Culinary Arts

Put on your chef’s hat and step into the kitchen where we turn the bounty of the land into delicious dishes and farm-to-table feasts! In our culinary arts center and bakery, campers work alongside experienced chefs to develop their cooking skills and prepare delicacies to share with the rest of the camp community. Special areas of focus include Jewish holiday treats like foraged elderberry cheesecake with homemade cheese for Shavuot and ancestral recipes like borscht topped with farm-fresh herbs. 

Farm Village

From seed to harvest, our campers run our organic farm – including collecting eggs from chickens, bringing goats to pasture, harvesting herbs for sun tea, setting up drip irrigation, and harvesting and arranging flowers for the Shabbat tables. Campers who choose to spend time in the Farm Village will develop the skills and confidence to grow their own food and make use of abundance – or shefa – either by donating or preserving our harvest.

Forest Village

Gather round in the forest and immerse yourself in the wisdom of the trees. In the Forest Village, campers safely build and tend fire, create shelters, tell stories, make their own bows and arrows, track animals, carve spoons and bowls, find wild edible plants, and more. Campers who choose to spend time in Forest Village will laugh, play, and explore, while they gain new skills, grow their self-confidence, and develop a profound feeling of kinship with the natural world.

Homestead Village

Get creative in our woodshop, ceramics studio, and herbal apothecary! In the Homestead Village, campers develop creative living skills and make their own instruments, create pottery, make salves, syrups, and teas, spin wool, harvest plants and herbs from the land to make natural dyes, repair farm tools, build furniture, make felt hats and much more.


The daily afternoon free-choice festival! Swim, go tubing or boating, play music, practice circus arts, play soccer or frisbee, make tea in the apothecary, relax in the art room… it’s up to you!

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